Our objective is to offer higher benefits with our products and services and to always be innovative and pioneering with our companies and brands. We appreciate the common values that make us who we are; our origins, and the knowledge and labor we have; our country and our people.

We adhere to honesty, ethical rules, and laws under all circumstances.

We pursue a sustainable life and future generations; we act transparently and responsibly towards society and our environment. We start each new day with courage and energy to make our dreams come true, work with the determination to accomplish our objectives, and become a leader; we passionately embrace our business.

We succeed together with our differences by seeking solutions, sharing knowledge and experience, trusting and supporting each other, appreciating, and celebrating.

Our Values

Trust and Solidarity

We know very well that permanent business relationships can only be based on mutual trust and responsibility.

Customer Centricity

With the awareness that internal and / or external customers are always important, we maintain the balance between the company and the customer, determine the expectations of the customer and provide customer satisfaction by providing appropriate services.

Team Spirit and Passion

We approach every work that we do, with enthusiasm, excitement and perseverance and by believing it heartfeltly; We activate our entire environment with our energy.

Continuous Improvement

We question ourselves and the work we do, by being excited about innovation and with a positive curiosity. In order to be always better, we learn from our past experiences, develop with our vision of the future, and become the pioneers of change.


By using communication tools and methods effectively, we convey the necessary and correct information to the right person, right unit and relevant associated institutions in a timely and accurate manner.

Fair Conduct

Systems without justice cannot look to the future with confidence. The basis of our understanding of sustainable justice for both our employees and our business partners is success and performance criteria.


We believe in the understanding that Differences and Diversity are our richness. We believe that we owe our reasons for success to these richness.


At Matar, we aim to be among the leading organizations in all industries where we operate by creating perpetual values for our country, clients, business partners, shareholders, and employees in that country and region.


We strive to add value to ourselves and all our stakeholders with our pioneering, creative, and competitive solutions; to ensure sustainable growth with social responsibility consciousness, respecting all elements of conducting business, environment, laws, social and ethical values with a participatory management structure.

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At Matar, we offer higher benefits with our products and services as well as always being innovative and pioneering in our companies and brands.

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